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Your commitment to your pet is for life . . . so is ours.

Exclusive Importer & Wholesale Distributor of Crash Tested European Engineered Pet Safety & Travel Products

4X4 North America is committed to keeping pets and their families safe. Inspired by the love of our own dogs and our desire to travel safely with them, we searched the globe for the best in pet safety, travel and convenience products. We are proud to offer these unique and innovative products to everyone who wishes to travel safely with their pets, family and loved ones.

Accidents Happen

“A dog is man’s best friend” …… and you should take care of your friends. We all enjoy taking our dogs along in the car, but how do we ensure their safety as well as the safety of others?This website will give you comprehensive information about crash test certified dog cages and crash tested dog harnesses, all of which provide reliable protection to both people and their pets in the event of an accident.

Learn about the MIM Safe Variocage – the only crash test certified and approved dog cage in the world.

Discover the Original AllSafe Harness – the world’s premier crash tested Dog Safety Harness.Explore unique & innovative European pet safety, travel and convenience products.

Life Saving Engineering…
Proven Real World Performance

As fellow pet parents, we take the safety and security of our family very seriously. We are committed to helping others protect their loved ones as well. Our website contains a wealth of information that will help you learn about Safe Pet Travel, so please feel free to explore.

“Your commitment to your pet is for life … so is ours”

– 4×4 North America, Inc.