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Care-2 – 55131 – Large / Yellow – Hudson Valley, NY – $599.95 – MSRP / $419.96 – Classified Price + Free Shipping - New ($419.96)

Sellers Description:

Fully assembled with full warranty. Please reference our sizing guides located on to ensure the size of this cage meets both the requirements of your vehicle and pet.

Regularly $599.95

Classified Price: $419.96

Free Shipping or Local Pickup.

Full Three (3) Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Product Description:

Safety First and Foremost

We put the safety of humans and their pets at the forefront of all our product designs. With this in mind Care² Pet Carriers are fully crush and crash tested for use on a front row, 2nd row or 3rd row seat. Practical, safe and easy to use.

Care² is a safe and very practical portable pet carrier that offers a safe & comfortable place for your pet when traveling. With its unique shape and design, you will benefit from the well engineered and carefully thought out crash protection in all directions to protect you, your pet and your family in case of an accident. Easy installation and fastening using your vehicle’s car’s safety belt. Care² fits and works just as well in the front passenger seat as in the rear seat.

Care² has undergone rigorous crash tests using the same method as for frontal impact testing of child seats (ECE R44) at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The patented Care² is made of aluminum and splinter-resistant nylon plastic that can withstand large temperature variations without compromising strength. The sloping design is an engineering solution designed to improve the cage’s impact characteristics and reduces the risk of damage in a collision. Care² features Two (2) armored doors made of reinforced plastic and includes a very practical and comfortable carrying handle as well as a built-in thermometer with graduation in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Includes a Custom Size Crate Pad that is machine washable at 30 Degrees Celsius / 86 Degree Fahrenheit.

The World’s Safest Car Seat Pet Carrier

• Crash tested at RISE Research Institute of Sweden
• ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturing
• Aluminum Frame, Fully Recyclable, Non-Toxic Materials
• Splinter Proof Nylon with Reinforced Armored Doors
• Integrated Safety Belt Attachment Points
• Integrated Temperature Gauge
• Easy to Fit in Car Passenger Seat and Back Seat with Your Seat Belts
• Lifetime Manufacturers Guarantee!

Please Note: The color of the top and bottom aluminum sections of the Care² will be Black on the Gray Model and Silver on the Yellow Model.



SIZING: Please Note the Internal Dimensions in Illustration Below.

WEIGHT: Crash Tested for a 20 Pound Dog but Weight is only a Safety Reference.

DIMENSIONS: Please use Dimensions vs. Dog Weight for Proper Sizing.

NOTE: Care² is for Small Dogs – Please do not use Dog Weight for Sizing, use Dimensions.


SKUSizeColorMax. Dog WeightDepthWidthHeight
55121MediumYellow11 lbs18.9 in.14.6 in.16.1 in.
55122MediumGrey11 lbs18.9 in.14.6 in.16.1 in.
55131LargeYellow20 lbs18.9 in.17.3 in.16.1 in.
55132LargeGrey20 lbs18.9 in.17.3 in.16.1 in.

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