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The NEW VarioGate Divider Short – 53275 – $449.95 MSRP / $269.97 (Including Shipping) / $224.97 (Pickup Hudson Valley) - Good Condition - Light Scratches, Full 3 Year Warranty. ($269.97)

Sellers Description:

Please reference our sizing guides located at to ensure the size of this cage meets both the requirements of your vehicle and pet.

Regularly $449.95

Shipping Included: $269.97

Pickup in Hudson Valley: $224.97

Free Shipping to Lower 48 Sates & No Sales Tax if Shipped Outside of NY or MO.

Full Three (3) Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Scratch and Dent / Open Box Items –
Please know that there could be dings, dents, scratches and damaged parts that may need to be either bent back into place or entirely replaced.

Most of the parts of our cages can be manipulated back into working order with no effect on the structural integrity of the crate, we suggest using a rubber mallet and pliers, sometimes they do require a little work so please make sure you are fully aware that these crates have been shipped and possibly assembled by customers causing shifting, movement in the box, missing or damaged parts and/or parts that may need some work to get them into working order.

4×4 North America will replace any parts deemed un-usable at no cost to you after photo submission and evaluation by our crash engineers.

We are willing to assist and work with any customer who is willing to work with us.

Great deals for products available to ship even better deals if picked up in Hudson Valley NY.

These are a great deal and well worth it for the savings.

Please Note: Classified Cages are Not Available in Canada.

Product Description:

* Designed, engineered and produced by MIM Construction AB in Sweden, manufacturer of the world’s only Crash Tested Dog Crate – the MIM Safe Variocage.

* The VarioGate Center Divider for the MIM Safe VarioGate provides maximum room for your dogs in the cargo area of your vehicle while still keeping them separated.

* The VarioGate is recommended for use with a VarioBarrier or VarioBarrier HR when used with a VarioGate Divider to provide maximum safety and protection for you, your passengers and your dog(s).

* The VarioGate Divider is available in Short or Long Adjustable Sizes to accommodate a wide variety of Vehicles.

* Optional 3 Bar or 4 Bar Wing Extensions allow you to extend the width of your VarioGate depending on your needs.

* The VarioGate Double offers the option to be used with or without a Divider.

* The VarioGate Single does not offer the option to be used without a VarioGate Divider since it is part of the safety engineering and design of the system.

* You can use the VarioGate Double with or without a VarioGate Divider to transport multiple dogs depending on their size when they are traveling alone or together.

* You can also use the VarioGate Single with the required VarioGate Divider to transport multiple dogs depending on their size when they are traveling alone or together.

* You can use the VarioGate System with a VarioBarrier or VarioBarrier HR and a VarioGate Divider to safely store cargo which serves to protect human occupants when you are not using the VarioGate System to transport dogs.

* The VarioGate System provides useful safe and secure storage space on one or both sides when not being used to transport your dogs.


Part #Wing TypeA (width)B (height)C (depth)
53275* VarioGate Divider (short)minmaxminmaxminmax
53285* VarioGate Divider (long)41.34”59.06”


NOTE: Please add 2″ to the VarioDivider Length to get the Total Measurement with the VarioGate included.


Contact Seller:
“Your commitment to your pet is for life … so is ours”

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