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We ONLY Guarantee Sizing for Vehicles not for Dogs. Vehicle Sizing Guarantee is Required for Returns.
Free Replacement Variocage - After a Properly Installed Variocage is in a Documented Serious Accident
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In order to better assist you and to guarantee sizing, we will need you to check the measurements of your Dogs and in most cases your vehicle as well. In some cases and with certain products, we may need additional measurements which we can explain with a phone call.

For the following products we will need measurements of your Cargo Area as well as the measurements of your Dog(s) along with their Breed and Weight. 

  • Variocage
  • VarioGate Double
  • VarioGate Single
  • VarioGate Divider
  • VarioBarrier
  • VarioBarrier HR
  • MultiCage

For the following products we will only need the measurements of your Dog(s) along with their Breed and Weight. 

  • AllSafe Harness
  • AllSafe Comfort Harness
  • CARE-2
  • Reflex vest

Please review the following information if you are interested in sizing one of our products for your dog(s) and your vehicle.


Please always check our Variocage Configurator to start.

Variocage Configurator

However, please do not rely 100% on our VarioCage Configurator. It is simply a starting point. There are many variables that have to be considered in order to assure the safety and comfort of you, your family and your dog(s).




Also, our Crash Tested MultiCage System is perfect or Professionals that are Transporting Multiple Dogs in a Minivans, Vans or Trucks. Please note that SUV’s, Cars & Pickup Trucks cannot fit any of our Multicage products on the 2nd row seat. 

Transporting Multiple Dogs in a Van or Trucks

The MultiCage can be used on a 2nd Row Seat with the installation method we recommend. However, the MultiCage does not fit through the doors and the doors do not open all the way due to the obstructions which are typically the frame of the door and the arm rests. We have tried and have yet to be able to make it work.

Please note that we never recommend traveling with any cage in a Pickup Bed without a Cap installed to protect the dogs in a Roll Over Accident.


Please make sure you measure the Neck or “A” measurement as illustrated in the AllSafe Measuring Guide. The correct way to measure is around the Neck and down to the top of the Breast Plate of the dog which would be similar to a V Neck Collar Shirt. 

Please Do not measure around the neck as you would for a regular Dog Collar as it will provide us with the incorrect measurement. 

Also, please measure the “C” measurement  from the Bottom of the Breast Plate to just behind the Front Legs of the dog.




You can always find our Dimension, Measuring & Sizing Guides on each product page.

In most cases, you will need to click the links on the Product Page under “Additional Information” to view, download or print  our Dimension, Measuring & Sizing Guides. These guides will show you the dimensions, measurements as well as the interior measurements were applicable for all of our products. 

Please always feel free to call us for help with measuring if you need assistance.

Most important for sizing to start is to measure the dogs first & vehicle 2nd. Please see the attached Sizing Guides for our most popular products that illustrate the measurements needed for us to provide you with a Sizing Guarantee.

We also take the following factors in to consideration when sizing our products for a dog.

  • Breed, Weight and Age of Dog(s) plus their Measurements taken using the attached Dog Measuring Guide.
  • Year, Make & Model of your vehicle plus the Measurements of your Cargo Space using the attached Car Sizing Guide.
  • How often do you travel with your dog(s)?
  • Do you travel long distances with your dogs, say trips over 2 hours?
  • Do the dog(s) have any health conditions such as hip issues as an example?

Please note that we can only guarantee fit for our products in a vehicle if we have the year, make model and measurements taken using our attached Vehicle Sizing Guide. However, in many cases we may have the vehicles information already on file.

However, the amount of space for dog(s) in a kennel are subjective and specific for each owner.
For this reason, we cannot guarantee fit for a dog.

However, if you provide the breed, weight and measurements of your dog(s) and call us, we can make a recommendation that always seems to make our customers happy with the room they end up having for their dog(s).

The best thing to do, so you can see for yourself what works, is to follow the directions below.

For Crash Tested Cages, you can reference the Dimension Guides for the Interior Dimensions and use Masking Tape or Painters’ Tape to mark out the Interior Dimensions on the Wall and Floor of your home by referencing the Model that will fit your vehicle’s cargo space. 

If you are considering a MultiCage Double and plan on using the divider, you can tape a piece of string at the center from front to back to represent the divider.

Then get your dogs in to the taped out space to confirm they will fit. You will quickly see how the sizing works for you dog. Once you get your dog in to the space you will know right away of the Model you can fit or that you are considering will work.

Please Note
4×4 North America only guarantees sizing if you Call or E-Mail with the information as noted below to assure a proper fit for your vehicle and assure safety for your dog.

I have also attached our Variocage Dimensions Guide that will show you the interior measurements of every Variocage model. 

You can reference this guide and use masking tape or blue painters tape to mark out the interior dimensions of the Variocage Model that fits your vehicle’s cargo space on the wall and floor of your home.

If your are considering a Variocage Double, you can tape a piece of string down the center to represent the divider. 

Then get your dogs in to the taped out space to confirm they will fit. 

Please note that the proper amount of space is safer that too much space but it is OK to go one size up if you feel you need more height or width for your dog.

Please be sure to consider your cargo depth. 

If you cargo depth is shorter then the maximum length of the Variocage you are considering, please know that it is possible to shorten the Variocage to fit your cargo space.

However, for every One (1) Inch you have to compress the Variocage to fit your cargo space you will then need to deduct One (1) Inch from the interior length fo the Variocage.

This may compromise space for the dog in a Single or Double Variocage with a Divider installed.

If you are interested in a Variocage Double and you have Two (2) Dogs that get along who are within 20% of each others weight it is OK to travel with the Variocage Divider removed. 

This provides more room for your dogs if needed.

“Your commitment to your pet is for life … so is ours”

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