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MIM Safe VarioDrawer


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Adjustable Cargo Drawer System with a built in Crumple Zone

Ideal for use with the Crash Tested Variocage

  • Built in crumple zone for the safety passengers
  • Variocage can be stacked on top of VarioDrawer
  • Easy to open with full extension slide rails
  • Remains closed during transport
  • Adjustable in Length / Key lock included
  • Designed for use in the cargo area of an SUV, Station Wagon or Van
  • Fits most vehicles with a flat floor and anchor points
  • Straps down to Load Hooks / Easy to install / No additional tools needed
  • Intended for use with the rear backrest in an upright position
  • No alterations to the car needed for installation
  • Easy to move from one car to the next
  • Designed and produced in Sweden

MIM Safe VarioDrawer will keep you safe from loose objects in the cargo area of your vehicle.

When used with a Crash Tested VarioCage for your dog, MIM Safe VarioDrawer will provide you with additional space for your equipment & supplies. MIM Safe VarioDrawer will keep you and your dog safe and secure during travel.

MIM Safe VarioDrawer has available optional dividers and can be used by hunters, craftsmen and anyone else who needs to store tools, parts and equipment in an organized, fast and easily accessible manner.

Part NumberDescriptionLengthWidthHeight
00392VarioDrawer – 38.6″ – Medium Low35.23 in – 43.50 in38.58 in4.40 in
00393VarioDrawer – 38.6″ – Medium High35.23 in – 43.50 in38.58 in7.55 in
00394VarioDrawer – 43.3″ – Large Low35.23 in – 43.50 in43.30 in4.40 in
00396VarioDrawer – 43.3″ – Large High35.23 in – 43.50 in43.30 in7.55 in

Maximum cargo load in the drawer 100 lbs (45 kg)

Maximum spread load on top of the drawer 265 lbs (120 kg)


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