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Free Replacement Variocage - After a Properly Installed Variocage is in a Documented Serious Accident
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I’m Impressed how the Variocage worked so well Print

  • January 12, 2023

I was stopped in traffic at a stoplight on a 4-lane road that had traffic in all lanes. I was either the 2nd or 3rd vehicle at the light. 

A truck slammed into me from behind and careened off the rear end of my van to end up angled next to me. The entire back window was crushed and glass was in the Variocage. The impact from the truck that hit me caused me to hit the stopped truck in front of me. The entire front end of my van was smashed under the truck in front of me.

My dogs were not in the crates but the Variocage would have protected them from being crushed, thrown about, or shoved into the middle row seats. I am impressed how the Variocage worked so well.

Lori Duncan

“Your commitment to your pet is for life … so is ours”

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