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Free Replacement Variocage - After a Properly Documented Accident
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Exclusive Provider & Master Distributor for MIM Safe Variocage Products in North America

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VARIOCAGE - Life Saving Engineering
Proven Real World Performance

VARIOCAGE - Science of Pet Safety - Standard Dog Cages Fail in Common Crash Scenarios


MIM Variocage – Passes Simulated Rollover Test
Installed as Recommended by Manufacturer

Gunner G1 Intermediate – Fails Simulated Rollover Test
Installed as Recommended by Manufacturer.

The Original AllSafe Harness
Crash Tested Dog Harness Demonstration

AllSafe Harness, Crash Test - Left

AllSafe Harness Front - Right

AllSafe Harness Crash Test - Overhead

Variobarrier HR 52114 Crash Video - Hi Res

Variobarrier HR 52114 Crash Video - Lo Res

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