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Free Replacement Variocage - After a Properly Installed Variocage is in a Documented Serious Accident
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Customer Reviews Leave a Review

Bonnie Boshart

Excellent, excellent customer service! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Loved dealing with them.
I would not hesitate to buy any product from them.

Courtney Breur

Customer Service 5 STARS!!! Kennel 5 STARS!!!!! This was the best purchase I’ve made yet. Though the scholarships paid for it, definitely worth the price, my SDIT Nala loves her new kennel. Also was very easy to put together. Only took me an hr and half as I did it myself. Truly solved the car anxiety she has and now runs to the trunk to hop in! Spoke with Rich and Rebecca on choosing the right size for us and it still has room for her to fully stand, turn around, and lay comfortably. I have a 2010 Chevy Equinox and got the Double Medium!

Julie V

Kudos to Rebecca and 4×4 North America for helping us find the Double XXL crate that fits all 3 Corgis in the space we have available. We have a Honda Pilot and a Subaru Outback. Great customer service still exists! We put it together in the Pilot with the help of videos and the instructions and our experience was really pretty good. We thought we were missing a small part, a carriage bolt, and Rebecca assured us it was an extra piece, but sent another one out right away. We ended up finding the missing bolt inside of the folded up tie down straps! So now we really do have a spare. The Corgis ride well in the crate with enough floor space for all and we feel so much better about traveling with them knowing they are safe. I’m confident that we can move the crate between the vehicles as needed and be able to adjust the depth of the crate without difficulty. Thank you!

Patricia T

We have 5 MultiCage and one VarioCage .. they are simply the best out there for safety and function. 4×4 America though is fantastic to deal with as well … great customer service, technical knowledge and just always friendly and helpful folks. Much appreciated and it’s always a good experience dealing with the team.


Everyone was so helpful as I was trying to figure out the parts we needed. I appreciate the availability of the parts, and how quickly they were sent.

Lyn Jeffrey

When I was having difficulty putting together my double XL Variocage, Rebecca came to the rescue and talked us through it. When it was discovered I needed an additional tool to complete the installation, she overnighted it, so that I could use the crate the next day for a trial. 4×4 is the best!

Michael Hawthorne

The harness I purchased is first rate quality. The customer service I received was outstanding. I was concerned about sizing but the person I spoke to was absolutely correct with her recommendation. Thank you!

Mary Margaret Hague

Again, so pleased with 4x4NA. One of our clips lost its grip and they sent new ones – super fast and free of charge. The harness is perfect. Here’s Indigo, happy after a good hike. We 100% trust this brand and 100% love their customer service team. Excellent.


Great product and great customer service. There was a slight hiccup on shipping but resolved. Thank you!

Mary Schurr

Super happy with the fit and functionality of the Double XXL. Finny is enjoying the space and safety. Super customer service , fast shipping and all together enjoyable experience. Thank you.


Great product- got double XL for our two BC, great customer service!!
Happy (safe) pups = happy life – picture says it all.

Patti Buchanan

I can’t say enough good things about this company. Everyone was very helpful and took the time to make sure I was getting the right size for my car and dogs. The products came as described and in a timely manner. I’m happy I made this investment in our safety.


Purchased barriers from the 4X4 Classifieds-they are fantastic – absolutely meet all my expectations.
Rebecca helped me with the correct sizing and kept me informed throughout the process including when I would receive my delivery.
Superior customer service every step of the way.
Thank you for this flawless experience!

Mary Margaret Hague

We had never found a safety harness for our dog that solved the problems: is it really safe, is it strong enough, is it comfortable, does it allow movement to lie down and does it solve the seatbelt locking problem, until we found the AllSafe Comfort harness. We are very impressed and even more impressed with the customer service we received from 4×4. Special thanks to Janice Ianelli who went above and beyond to contact me when she suspected I had mis-ordered more items than I actually needed. Shipping was super fast as well.


Awesome customer service. At the same time that I bought my crate, a friend got another brand – her experience has been terrible. So glad that I dealt with the 4X4 Team!!


Purchased barriers from the 4X4 Classifieds-they are fantastic – absolutely meet all my expectations.
Rebecca helped me with the correct sizing and kept me informed throughout the process including when I would receive my delivery.

Superior customer service every step of the way.

Thank you for this flawless experience!

M E Marshall

We have the safety harness and roller. I had lost the red clips used on the seat belt. The service was excellent in providing the right pieces for my harness.

Linda Cullen

Excellent service and fast arrival. The down side was on me. Didn’t check the size of the bowl. I have the smallest crate available as I have a Miniature Pinscher. This bowl is way too big and I had a good laugh at my expense. No worries though. I gave it to a friend and it’s perfect in her crates. Thanks for all your help.


Awesome customer service! Needed a couple parts, they helped me identify correct pieces and they shipped super quick. Love my crates!


Great customer service from beginning to end. Rebecca K answered my emails/questions promptly and thoughtfully. I had ordered a crate from the Classified section of the website at a reduced price, and there were some minor dents that initially caused some frustration during assembly. When I expressed my concern, Rebecca called me within an hour of my email being sent, and completely reassured me. I love the crate which fits perfectly in my vehicle, and am so pleased with the complete confidence that I have in the safety of my dogs.

Lori Nicolanti

Rich and Rebecca were extremely helpful and answered all my questions. They went out of their way to look things up for me and make sure I was getting exactly what I needed for my vehicle. I purchased a variogate, installed it and it is perfect for my needs. I highly recommend!

Robert stieger

Easy assembly, sturdy design. Nice that depth is adjustable for additional space, but can fit entirely in the back compartment of my 2018 4runner.
Time to make sure my Bully’s are getting out and about.


100% would recommend! Richard was very helpful and kind, everyone that was involved in my order was. The crate arrived in a really short time considering I am overseas and it was packed postal proof so nothing was damaged even in the high ops of Christmas mail.

The crate is the only one I found that fits in my hatchback vw Golf worth every penny!. It was a project building it and putting it together(almost competition to IKEA furniture).

Thanks to the team of 4x4northamerica my best friend will be safe on our future adventures and travels to our next duty station. Thank you for the support 🙏🏻

Jim Spence

Very helpful customer service rep helped identify the replacement parts I wanted on my Variocage. The parts were on their way within a week, and the installed perfectly. Just what I needed. It’s refreshing to find friendly, competent, human customer service.

Kathy Fertal

Excellent customer service

Frank Corazza

Really love the product. Thanks for all your help. I feel better knowing that Amico is safe in his VarioCage while we travel.

Ellen KG

I am so happy with our two single Variocages that we purchased. When we downsized our SUV, my old crates did not fit without folding down the rear seats. Rebecca is unbelievably helpful–I made several calls to make sure I could fit two crates in the cargo area, and she was fantastic. Friendly, helpful, accurate information, she even sent me some extra knobs to be sure the crates could be accommodated in my vehicle. Thank you so much!!

Lynne S

Love the crate I got. Rich was extremely helpful with the sizing. It was a perfect fit and love the quality of the crate.

Melissa Moreno

Great customer service! Great product. Easy to put together. Happy with purchase.


I love the crate that I recently purchased. It was a perfect fit and Richard Casey was very helpful with the sizing. He answered all my questions. It was easy to put together and unlike most crates there is no rattling. Plenty of room for the dog. I am very pleased with the quality.


Love it!!! It keeps my dogs happy and safe while traveling. Easy to assemble and move, if and when needed. I placed felt tape on the edges of the divider during assembly. There is absolutely no annoying rattling. Variocage is a must have!

Sheri Wetekam

Just purchased my second Variocage. First one was a Single Large (2016) and the new one is a Double Large. LOVE LOVE them! Matching car year, model to the recommended Variocage sizes works like a charm. Since we’re on the road for dog competitions, I’m know they are in the safest, crash tested crate possible. I would trust my Australian Shepherd in none other. The double brought us good luck at our last competition.


Easy to assemble. Fits like a charm. Very happy with this purchase.

Larry Johnston

Our Variocage Max arrived on time and in excellent condition. I was impressed with the packing and very pleased how easily it assembled. The fit, finish, and engineering is right on. Would I recommend these crates to others who transport dogs ? You bet!

Elizabeth Knight

Rode with a Double L for 6 years, but now that I have 2 flatcoats, I needed more space. Sold the L (resale value is good on these because they are tanks) and Just got my DXXL Variocage built and installed in my Volvo wagon. I was impressed with all of my correspondence as well as the entire transaction with 4×4. Will continue to use them for my travel needs.

As for the Variocage….you can’t do better. They are open, airy and yet safe. I love that I can lock them and use an airing hook on the car if I need to. There are various youtube videos showing how to build and some are much better than others. I found this one to be most helpful:

MaryJane Monahan

Love your products and thank you for your help. Great company and product. Love the vario barrier and vario gate


We bought this safety harness for our dog 55lbs mix 3 years ago (size Medium). It’s very sturdy and you extremely well made. We recently adopted another dog and did not hesitate to purchase a second one.

Heather K

I love my new Mim Variogate and divider. My Bassets can travel safely to and from their nosework lessons and trials. I appreciate all of the safety features, as I have heard sad stories of people losing their dogs after a car accident when the crates broke open. The installation instructions were easy to follow (IKEA instructions on steroids). I am generally not great at assembling things, but I managed to do the installation myself. (Though some steps would be easier with an extra set of hands.). The customer service before and after the order was exceptional. When I had a problem, someone returned my email with a phone call and other email. I was shocked at how quick and thorough the response was. I strongly recommend this product and 4×4 North America.

Jenny Martens

This is the second seatbelt that I have purchased. It’s crash-test rated – so sturdy, and easy to use – so I actually use it each and every time I load my dog into the car. It was the FIRST purchase I made when I adopted my new dog out of the shelter. I won’t drive without it!

Barb Ziegelbauer

I am very pleased with the MiniMax Variocage that I recently purchased. And the great service to send parts for the Variocage Double that I’ve had for several years now. I love those crates. My dogs come to work with me, so they’re in the van every day. It’s nice to know they’re safe. And the quiet ride is a much appreciated bonus!

AllSafe Harness solved the problem!

I recently purchased the All Safe Comfort Harness, size medium for my female Golden Retriever. It fits her well, and it solved the problem of securing her safely on the backseat of my 2016 Lexus RX. Unlike other harnesses that I have tried, her legs don’t get tangled in the seatbelt, and she has just enough room to lie down comfortably. – Marianne



I recently purchased the All Safe Comfort Harness, size medium for my female Golden Retriever. It fits her well, and it solved the problem of securing her safely on the backseat of my 2016 Lexus RX. Unlike other harnesses that I have tried, her legs don’t get tangled in the seatbelt, and she has just enough room to lie down comfortably.

Chris B

Really outstanding customer service. I received personalized service to be sure I have the right AllSafe Harness to fit my Great Dane. With the guidance I received from the 4×4 team, I was able to determine the correct size, fit it appropriately, and insure our pup’s safety. The team really went above and beyond, but the fact they consider it “just doing their job” really says it all.

Kitty Shollenberger

Loved the retractable seat belt for our older dog! Still had access to his window and we loved knowing he was safe!

Karyn Angel

Loved it so much my friend Barb just ordered it too!


Excellent product and great customer service!


I am very happy with my Variocage double XL. Excellent customer service to help pick the right size and answer any questions. Installation was easy and there’s no vibration from the cage when I’m driving. I also ordered 2 Allsafe comfort harnesses since not everyone can fit in the crate. I’m very impressed with the quality of both the crate and the harnesses. I have 3 large breed dogs and I would definitely recommend both products to anyone who travels with their dogs!

Ann Dunnington

I’m delighted with my new Variocage Double XL. This is the third Variocage I have owned and they have all been excellent. Customer service at 4×4 North America is also wonderful.

Kathy Bardoel

The click n roll dog seat belt seems much safer than the plain straps. Since it’s retractable, it is much less likely to wrap around a leg or torso.



Annette Young

Best safety harness for our 60+ lb. Lab.
Now he will be tethered safely and securely!

Jennifer E Gorman

We never write reviews, but was so impressed.
Love our Variocage we purchased from you.
Excellent product!!! Worth the money.
Can not say enough about customer service!!
You have set the bar extremely high. Will be disappointed with anything less with other companies! Thank you so much!
Keep up the excellent work!
Dave and Jennifer Gorman

Angela Smith

My Variocage is 5 years old and needed a replacement hinge. I just called and with a quick photo of the serial number my part is on the way!

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