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Free Replacement For a Crash Tested MIM Safe Products Damaged In A Serious Accident

MIM Safe Products Must be Properly Installed as Per Our Instructions & Recommendations

Applies Only To Customers Who Purchase Directly From 4×4 North America




4×4 North America, inc. is genuinely committed to the safety of our customers and their loved ones. We are serious about the safety of you, your family and your pets while traveling in a vehicle. For this reason, 4×4 North America and MIM Safe recommends replacing any MIM Safe Crash Tested Product after a serious accident.

For that reason, and to insure the ongoing safety of our customers as well as their family and their pets, 4×4 North America, Inc. will replace your damaged MIM Safe Product if you are involved in a documented serious accident. The offer applies to MIM Safe Products for Direct Customers of 4×4 North America, Inc. who provide us with a proof of purchase.

In order to qualify, you must be a direct customer of 4×4 North America, Inc. In addition, you must have documented photographic evidence showing your MIM Safe Product Installed as per our Instructions and Recommendations. This includes having the MIM Safe Product installed against a 2nd Row Seat and secured in your cargo area using the engineered tie down connection points on your MIM Safe Product. Your MIM Safe Product also needs to be secured using the supplied tie down straps or bars. Your MIM Safe Product must also be connected to the vehicle cargo hooks or crash worthy vehicle seat mounting points in your vehicle.

There are alternative installations that we can recommended that are safe as well so please call us before doing anything that may put you, your family or your canine companions at risk. Please note that any deviation form our recommended installation as well as any improper mounting of your MIM Safe Product will disqualify the user from receiving a Free MIM Safe Product replacement. In addition, 4×4 North America, Inc. and MIM Safe will not be liable for any damages or claims due to any improperly installed MIM Safe Product.

To file a claim, please submit your proof of purchase along with photos of your vehicle and your MIM Safe Product with a narrative description of the accident along with a copy of the official police accident report. Please note that a signed release will be required and is mandatory for any approved claim.

The signed release will provide permission for 4×4 North America, Inc. to use all submitted photos and documentation for R&D, Research & Marketing purposes including Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Marketing Campaigns. Your address, phone number and any other requested confidential contact information will not be released publicly. In addition, your last name may be withheld from any and all campaigns upon request.

4×4 North America, Inc. will inspect the photos and review the narrative and police report to assess damage and if needed, request that you ship the MIM Safe Product to us for inspection. Based on our inspection, 4×4 North America, Inc. will make a final determination of the damages as well as an assessment of the MIM Safe Product’s safety, security and serviceability.  Once a determination is made, 4×4 North America, Inc. will replace your MIM Safe Product with a brand new MIM Safe Product of the same size, model and style at no cost to you.

Please note when a MIM Safe Product is not returned to 4×4 North America by our request for inspection, we require a notarized letter confirming the destruction of the MIM Safe Product by your automobile insurance company. This is requested to assure the damaged MIM Safe Product never gets back in to circulation and never used again for transporting any pets.

Your new MIM Safe Product will ship to you with free freight. Our liability and coverage is strictly limited to replacement of your MIM Safe Product at no charge. 4×4 North America, Inc. does not assume any liability for anything beyond replacement of your MIM Safe Product with a new MIM Safe Product of the same size, model and style.



Guaranteed Sizing & Fit If You Contact & Consult With 4×4 North America

Applies Only To Customers Who Purchase Directly From 4×4 North America



4×4 North America, Inc. will guarantee the correct MIM Safe Product sizing for your vehicle. In order to qualify, you must be a direct customer of 4×4 North America, Inc. and contact us directly to discuss sizing. We request that you use the Sizing Guides provided  by 4×4 North America Inc. to measure your dog and your vehicle prior to contacting us. We require this information due to the fact that not all dogs meet the breed standard for sizing and/or they may be a mixed breed. Also, while we are familiar with several popular vehicles on the market, we may not be familiar with your specific vehicle. This is especially true if you have a hybrid or optioned vehicle that differs from the base model.

Most important of all is safety. We are safety experts and cannot make recommendations for the ultimate safety of your dogs, family or yourself without the required data and sizing information we request from you. For this reason, the measurements of your dog and your vehicle are required to determine the best fit for your vehicle as well as the maximum safety possible for your dogs and your family. You can contact us with your measurements via E-mail ( or by calling us (Contact Us) prior to purchasing your MIM Safe Product to discuss sizing.

Once you have provided us with the information we need, 4×4 will recommend the proper MIM Safe Product model & size to purchase which will be covered by our sizing, fit & satisfaction guarantee.

Should you need to return your 4×4 North America, Inc. will provide a call tag to return your purchased MIM Safe Product at no cost to you. Your new MIM Safe Product will ship to you with free freight as well. If there is a difference in cost between the MIM Safe Product model returned and the replacement MIM Safe Product , 4×4 North America, Inc. will credit or charge the difference to you. 4×4 North America, Inc. also guarantees 100% customer satisfaction or your money back.

4×4 North America, Inc. takes pride in replacing your MIM Safe Product with a brand new one after an accident  to assure the continued safety of your family, loved ones and pets.



100% Risk Free / Money Back / 30 Day Trial

Applies Only To Customers Who Purchase Directly From 4×4 North America




In order to better assist you and to guarantee sizing, we will need you to check the measurements of your Dogs and in most cases your vehicle as well.
In some cases and with certain products, we may need additional measurements which we can explain with a phone call.
For the following products we will need measurements of your Cargo Area as well as the measurements of your Dog(s) along with their Breed and Weight.

* MultiCage

* Variocage

* VarioGate Double

* VarioGate Single

* VarioGate Divider

* VarioBarrier

* VarioBarrier HR


For the following products we will only need the measurements of your Dog(s) along with their Breed and Weight.

* AllSafe Harness

* AllSafe Comfort Harness

* CARE-2


Please review the following information if you are interested in sizing one of our products for your dog(s) and your vehicle.


Please always check our Variocage Configurator to start.
Variocage Configurator

However, please do not rely 100% on our VarioCage Configurator. It is simply a starting point.

There are many variables that have to be considered in order to assure the safety and comfort of you, your family and your dog(s).


Also, our Crash Tested MultiCage System is perfect or Professionals that are Transporting Multiple Dogs in a Minivans, Vans or Trucks. Please note that SUV’s, Cars & Pickup Trucks cannot fit any of our Multicage products on the 2nd row seat.
Transporting Multiple Dogs in a Van or Trucks
The MultiCage can be used on a 2nd Row Seat with the installation method we recommend. However, the MultiCage does not fit through the doors and the doors do not open all the way due to the obstructions which are typically the frame of the door and the arm rests. We have tried and have yet to be able to make it work.
Please note that we never recommend traveling with any cage in a Pickup Bed without a Cap installed to protect the dogs in a Roll Over Accident.



Please make sure you measure the Neck or “A” measurement as illustrated in the AllSafe Measuring Guide. The correct way to measure is around the Neck and down to the top of the Breast Plate of the dog which would be similar to a V Neck Collar Shirt.
Please Do not measure around the neck as you would for a regular Dog Collar as it will provide us with the incorrect measurement.
Also, please measure the “C” measurement  from the Bottom of the Breast Plate to just behind the Front Legs of the dog.


You can always find our Dimension, Measuring & Sizing Guides on each product page.
In most cases, you will need to click the links on the Product Page under “Additional Information” to view, download or print  our Dimension, Measuring & Sizing Guides. These guides will show you the dimensions, measurements as well as the interior measurements were applicable for all of our products.
Please always feel free to call us for help with measuring if you need assistance.
Most important for sizing to start is to measure the dogs first & vehicle 2nd. 
We also take the following factors in to consideration when sizing our products for a dog.
* Breed, Weight and Age of Dog(s) plus their Measurements taken using the attached Dog Measuring Guide.
* Year, Make & Model of your vehicle plus the Measurements of your Cargo Space using the attached Car Sizing Guide.
* How often do you travel with your dog(s)?
* Do you travel long distances with your dogs, say trips over 2 hours?
* Do the dog(s) have any health conditions such as hip issues as an example?
Please note that we can only guarantee fit for our products in a vehicle if we have the year, make model and measurements taken using our attached Vehicle Sizing Guide. However, in many cases we may have the vehicles information already on file.
However, the amount of space for dog(s) in a kennel are subjective and specific for each owner.
For this reason, we cannot guarantee fit for a dog.
However, if you provide the breed, weight and measurements of your dog(s) and call us, we can make a recommendation that always seems to make our customers happy with the room they end up having for their dog(s).
The best thing to do, so you can see for yourself what works, is to follow the directions below.
For Crash Tested Cages, you can reference the Dimension Guides for the Interior Dimensions and use Masking Tape or Painters’ Tape to mark out the Interior Dimensions on the Wall and Floor of your home by referencing the Model that will fit your vehicle’s cargo space.
If you are considering a MultiCage Double and plan on using the divider, you can tape a piece of string at the center from front to back to represent the divider.
Then get your dogs in to the taped out space to confirm they will fit. You will quickly see how the sizing works for you dog. Once you get your dog in to the space you will know right away of the Model you can fit or that you are considering will work.
Please Note
4×4 North America only guarantees sizing if you Call or E-Mail with the the information as noted below to assure a proper fit for your vehicle and assure safety for your dog.


You can reference the sizing guides and use masking tape or blue painters tape to mark out the interior dimensions of the Variocage Model that fits your vehicle’s cargo space on the wall and floor of your home.
If your are considering a Variocage Double, you can tape a piece of string down the center to represent the divider.
Then get your dogs in to the taped out space to confirm they will fit.
Please note that the proper amount of space is safer that too much space but it is OK to go one size up if you feel you need more height or width for your dog.


Please be sure to consider your cargo depth.
If you cargo depth is shorter then the maximum length of the Variocage you are considering, please know that it is possible to shorten the Variocage to fit your cargo space.
However, for every One (1) Inch you have to compress the Variocage to fit your cargo space you will then need to deduct One (1) Inch from the interior length fo the Variocage.
This may compromise space for the dog in a Single or Double Variocage with a Divider installed.
If you are interested in a Variocage Double and you have Two (2) Dogs that get along who are within 20% of each others weight it is OK to travel with the Variocage Divider removed.
This provides more room for your dogs if needed.


The best thing to do is to call us by dialing 845-853-7711 if you need assistance or if you have any concerns about sizing or safety.



4×4 North America, Inc. guarantees 100% customer satisfaction or your money back. In order to qualify, you must be a direct customer of 4×4 North America, Inc. and contact us directly to discuss your concerns. Most concerns are easy to resolve and primarily have to do with either improper assembly or a minor damage in shipping. These issues can easily be resolved by our technicians and customer service representatives. We do ask that customers communicate with us and provide accurate information so we can resolve your concerns.

We also request that customers follow our direction for resolution prior to requesting a refund. All returns must be approved before shipping the site back to us. Your MIM Safe Product must be returned in the original condition it was received and must be carefully packed in the original shipping box with all packaging, materials, parts and documentation included. Anything returned without a sizing guarantee or without all of the original packaging, materials parts and documentation may be subject to a 25% restocking fee which may be reduced or waived at our discretion. Please note that we do not cover damage to any MIM Safe Product caused by dogs or by improper use or installation. We also suggest you insure returned items that are not covered by our sizing guarantee in the vent there are return shipping damages.

Please do not return your MIM Safe Product without proper authorization along with a call tag or label provided by 4×4 North America, Inc. Failure to do so may cause delays or issues related to generating your refund. You will be issued a full refund once 4×4 North America, Inc. has received and inspected your MIM Safe Product. Please allow 10 days for the refund to show up on your credit card statement or your original form of payment.

While we are happy to provide experienced recommendations for the sizing of your Dog(s), this is a subjective viewpoint that varies for every owner. For that reason, we cannot guarantee cage sizing for dogs when it comes to Variocage, MultiCage or CARE-2. However, we have a simple way for you to determine for yourself if the sizing is suitable for your dog. Please see detailed information below for our tips and tricks that will assist you in making the correct choice to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Please note that we are also happy to provide sizing guidance and recommendations for your dog(s) if you call us.

We will guarantee harness sizing if you provide us measurements for Crash Tested Harness Sizing. Please note the images in the Harness Sizing Guide to assure you are measuring correctly. The most common error we see is when someone measures the neck of the dog as they would for a collar. We actually need the measurement of the neck the way we have it illustrated in the sizing guide, similar to a V Neck Collar.

We are very customer friendly and customer service oriented so you can buy from us with confidence. However, to avoid any sizing mishap,  we ask that you contact us prior to ordering to receive a sizing guarantee for the following Crash Tested products:

* Variocage

* MultiCage

* VarioGate Double

* VarioGate Single

* VarioGate Divider

* VarioBarrier

* VarioBarrier HR

* CARE-2

* AllSafe Harness

* AllSafe Comfort

If 4×4 North America sizes your crate and it does not fit your vehicle, you are eligible for a full refund. Please note that we may request pictures and measurements to document any sizing issues.

However, any customer who is not 100% confident about the proper size products for their dogs should follow our recommendations, noted below, for evaluating the size of our products. This will assure each individual customer is satisfied with the size and space they feel they need for their dog(s).

In the event 4×4 North America sizes any of our products incorrectly for your vehicle, we will gladly pay for shipping back to us and provide a full refund r exchange for the correct size. Customers must ship the item(s) back in the original box and packaging with all contents complete.

We only sell NEW Crash Tested products to customers. We only sell sizing returns to local customers. There are very good deals on sizing returns so you may wish to visit our classifieds page for current deals and offers if you are local to us and within driving distance to the Upstate NY area.



Without contacting 4×4 North America and receiving our sizing guarantee, or for general returns, some product returns may have up to a 25% restocking fee applied. This decision is made upon inspection and condition of the returned item(s) and it does not mean EVERY return will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

We are very fair and reasonable when it comes to returns and restocking fees if everything is intact, no missing parts and the item still has the original box as well as the shipping box and materials the items was shipped in.

Customers must ship the item(s) back in the original box with all packaging contents complete. Please note that all returns must have an approved Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from 4×4 North America, Inc. prior to shipping any item back for a refund.

Please do not ship without an approved RMA as we cannot process a refund if the item is not returned to our RMA Returns Address.

Please do not ship back to our Warehouse since we cannot track or process any returns sent to any address expect the one provided by 4×4 North America with the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Approval.

NOTE: When returning items purchased without our Sizing Guarantee, we highly recommend that that you insure the item for the full value unless otherwise agreed in writing by 4×4 North America, Inc. While it rarely happens, we cannot take responsibility for items shipped by a customer that arrive damaged.



The Following Terms & Conditions Apply To All Sales by

Authorized Dealers & 4×4 North America, Inc.

Please keep the spare key for your MIM Safe Product in a separate place. 
Lost Keys may require the purchase of a new Door Lock & Key Set.


4×4 North America, Inc. is the exclusive North American importer of all products on our website. We have authorized online dealers as well as retailers who also sell our products. However, no matter where you choose to purchase our products from, we encourage you to contact us anytime you have questions prior to ordering. Also, please let us know if you are less than 100% satisfied with your customer experience from one of our dealers or from 4×4 North America, Inc. directly.

We stand behind what we sell and take pride in the superior quality of our products as well as our customer service. No matter what the issue may be, we will work with you to resolve any concerns or issues you might have. Always call us first for the guaranteed best service and ultimate satisfaction with your purchase.

We assure your experience as a customer dealing with our company will always be better than satisfactory. We are committed to a 100% success rate and will work hard to assure every customer is a satisfied and happy customer.

We do try to keep all products in stock at all times. However, on occasion, there may be a backorder on an item. If a product you want to order is out of stock, you have the option of placing a Pre-Order with us. 

You also have the option to Pre-Order any product that is out stock. We typically recommend this since products can sell out while in transit.  You can also go on a wait list without payment in advance. Simply contact us and tell us which item you wish to order that is out of stock and we will notify you when it is ready to ship. However, please note that wait list pre-orders are not guaranteed.

We ship all orders from Kansas City, MO or Stone Ridge, NY via FedEx Ground, FedEx Smartpost or USPS.

In-stock orders ship out within 2 business days or less. Out of stock orders can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to arrive. Please feel free to contact us anytime to get an estimated delivery date for backordered items.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number once your order has shipped. You can cancel your order at anytime prior to shipment and receive a full refund. Please contact us directly to see if you qualify for our current discounts, special offers or promotions.

We offer special pricing for volume purchases to the following groups & organizations. Minimum purchases shall apply for discounted pricing.

  • Police, Military & Government Agencies
  • Search & Rescue Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Animal Shelters
  • Animal Rescue Groups
  • Service Animal Organizations
  • Training Facilities & Organizations
  • Group Buys for Clubs & Organizations

Dealer inquires should be directed to

4×4 North America, Inc. warranties all of our products for Three (3) years from date of purchase. To be covered by the warranty, the defect must be an original manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover any damage, mis-use or modifications by consumers nor does it cover damage from animals, drops, falls or impacts.

MIM Safe Products are made of powder coated steel and manufactured with an anti-rust treatment. They hold up extremely well against rusting if not scratched, damaged or abused. However, MIM Safe and  4×4 North America, Inc. cannot not warranty the product against rust or corrosion nor are the products recommended for use outdoors or in harsh environments including salt water areas. However, we look at every situation on a case by case basis. Rest assured, we are customer friendly and quite reasonable. So, in some cases, we do make exceptions if warranted.

The manufacturer’s obligation under warranty shall be limited to replacement of defective parts or components. The warranty period starts from date of purchase. Warranty claims must be in writing and must include a copy of the original purchase receipt. For warranty service, MIM Safe Products must also include a picture of the production date code located on a plate attached to your MIM Safe Product if applicable.

Returns require RMA approval from 4×4 North America, Inc. Do not ship products back for warranty repair without proper authorization and a valid RMA Number.

Sizing your MIM Safe Product properly is very important for the safety of both canines and human occupants while traveling in a vehicle. 4×4 North America provides simple and easy to follow measuring instructions on our website. Please follow these instructions for a proper fit. However, if there is any doubt, we urge Customers to contact us to verify the correct size MIM Safe Product for their animals and their vehicle.

Please note that MIM Safe Products  are very difficult to re-pack and return without damage. We prefer that all customers have a great experience with our company, brand and products. For that reason, we suggest that you measure your vehicle and your dog to assure you receive the proper size MIM Safe Product.

Customers who use our measuring guides and also call 4×4 North America with accurate measurements for their dog and their vehicle will receive our sizing guarantee. We will accept full responsibility for exchanges and/or returns for any MIM Safe Product that has our sizing guarantee including free freight for all returns.

Customers who do not call 4×4 North America with accurate measurements for their dog and their vehicle will be responsible for return shipping and a possible restocking fee of 15% which may be waived at our discretion.

4×4 North America will never charge a restocking fee or return shipping  for improperly sized MIM Safe Product products if 4×4 North America is clearly at fault for shipping the wrong model or the wrong product.

4×4 North America is committed to providing the best customer service and  customer satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

4×4 North America, Inc. will only accept a product for return with prior approval. Returned products should be in the original, unopened packaging including the additional cardboard outer-wrap shipping container, which is required to prevent damage during shipping. The original packaging must not be broken or otherwise damaged and the product cannot have any missing or damaged parts.

Claims for damaged returns must be made within 7 days of receipt of your delivery. Please do not ship any products back without proper authorization and a valid RMA Number.


Important information concerning all discussions about MIM Products safety!!

MIM Safe Products  and the AllSafe Harness must be properly sized for your animal in order to provide maximum safety and protection.

Please assure that your MIM Safe Product or your AllSafe Harness is properly sized, assembled and installed in your vehicle or properly fitted for your dog.

A crash can happen at any speed with many variables with respect to circumstance. Predicting every scenario and outcome is impossible.

Depending on your vehicle, speed and circumstance, it might be possible that little can be done to protect all occupants from injury or fatalities.

However, you can rest assured that all MIM Safe Products are the only genuinely, honestly and seriously crash tested Pet Safety Travel Products in the World.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We are committed to customer satisfaction.

You can reach us during business hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

Phone: 845-853-7711


Please drive safely and always use your Crash Tested MIM Safe Products or the Crash Tested AllSafe Harness for transporting your animals!

“Your commitment to your pet is for life … so is ours”

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