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MIM Safe Variocage Leash Hooks


Model Number: 360

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MIM Safe Variocage Leash Hooks.

The Variocage can be equipped with convenient pair of leash hooks. Hang your leash using these hooks for quick and convenient access when needed. You can fit One (1) Pair of leash hooks on a Single Variocage or Single Multicage and Two (2) Pairs of Leash Hooks on a Double Variocage or Double Multicage. Variocage and Multicage doors are already drilled and tapped for the Leash Hooks. Each package includes Two (2) Leash Hooks and everything you need for a simple and quick installation.

Download Pdf:
Variocage/Multicage Van Setup #1

Download Pdf:
Variocage/Multicage Van Setup #2

Download PDF:
Variocage/Multicage Van Setup #3

Download PDF:
Variocage/Multicage Van Setup #4

Download PDF:
Variocage/Multicage Van Setup #5


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