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Free Replacement Variocage

After a Properly Installed Variocage is in a Documented Accident

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Crash Tested!  Safely Transport Multiple Dogs.  Configure Side by Side or Over, Under or a Combination of Both for Maximum Space Efficiency. Safe & Secure. 

Quantity Discounts Available. For a Limited Time Only save up to 35% or More on Pre-Orders if you Purchase Two (2) or more units in Advance Mix and Match Models & Sizes across Crash Tested Products including Multicage, Variocage, VarioGate, VarioBarrier and related accessories to get best pricing. Great Savings for Clubs, Group Buys, Family and Friends.  Please call for a Custom Price Quote if Purchasing Multiple Sizes and/or Quantities


MultiCage – The World’s ONLY Crash Tested Stackable Multi-Dog Transport Kennel. The Latest & Greatest in Pet Safety. Ideal for transporting multiple dogs in a variety of vehicles. Optional Brackets Lock & Secure MultiCages Together for Maximum Safety & Security.

MultiCage is a safe and very practical dog cage made in Sweden that offers a safe place for those who really matters to you. The robust construction and its square design make the cage suitable for transport vehicles, motorhomes, vans and pickups. Anchoring brackets are available as options making it easy to connect several cages together for safe and secure transport of multiple dogs in individual cages. Transporting multiple dogs has never been safer or easier.

MultiCage has undergone rigorous crash tests using the same method for cargo protection in cars, ECE R17, at the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. MultiCage is design-protected and made of galvanized steel painted with a very weather-resistant polyurethane paint suitable for its use. The design reduces the risk of injury and the choice of construction materials allows for excellent absorption of crash energy while eliminating the risk of splitting, cracking, splintering or damage that may cause serious or lethal injury to dogs.

The product comes with ratchet anchoring system that is quick and easy to use simplifying the installation in your vehicle. Practical retractable lifting handles provide an easy and convenient way to move the MultiCage in and out of vehicles. A lockable door with gas spring serves to hold the door open when loading or unloading your dog.

Like all our transport cages, MultiCage has therefore undergone rigorous crash tests at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The tests for MultiCage have been adapted to the cage size and load without sacrificing its energy-absorbing characteristics if the accident were to occur. Thanks to its robust construction, it can withstand massive impact from all directions – 360°.

Precious cargo should be safe and best protected with the only genuinely Crash Tested kennel in the world – the MIM Safe MultiCage.



MultiCage is suitable in vehicles for transport, motorhomes, multi-vans and pickups with proper load loops. Use in the vehicle’s cargo area against the rear seat is not recommended, but not forbidden. If the intention is to place the cage in the cargo area against the rear seat you must make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s deformation zone. Recommended distance between the cage and the vehicle’s cargo door is 250-300 millimeters or approximately 10-12 inches.

Note: We strongly recommend the MIM Safe Crash Tested Variocage if the intention is to install the cage against the rear seat. Please call for more information and an explanation of our safety recommendations if you are not clear on the best, safest and proper installation in your Vehicle.

Inner DimensionsOuter Dimensions
56154Single M28.7 in.21.3 in.21.3 in.31.1 in.25.0 in.21.3 in.
56160Single L28.7 in.24.0 in.24.0 in.31.1 in.27.8 in.24.0 in.
56175Single XL34.6 in.29.3 in.29.5 in.37.0 in.33.1 in.29.5 in.
56254Double M42.1 in.21.3 in.21.3 in.47.2 in.25.0 in.21.3 in.
56260Double L42.1 in.24.0 in.24.0 in.47.2 in.27.8 in.24.0 in.
56275Double XL48.0 in.29.3 in.29.5 in.53.1 in.33.1 in.29.5 in.



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Whether it is a quick run to the store or a cross-country trip, traveling with your pet can be fun. No matter how long or short your trip might be, it’s important to keep safety in mind for you and all of your loved ones, including your pets.

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A dog that is not properly secured in your vehicle can be seriously or fatally injured in an accident. An unrestrained pet can also be a significant distraction or, in some cases, they can even cause a motor vehicle accident.

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