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Variocage vs. Box Truck Print

  • July 10, 2018

I was in an accident today. A box truck ran into my RAV4 while stopped at a light. They were likely going 40mph or so. I had an empty double XXL Variocage in the cargo area.

The divider was only secured by two bolts instead of the Normal five bolts. So the divider bent a LOT more than it would have had it had been properly secured, but it still was not dangerous.

The impact was not straight on, due to my tire, but the Variocage performed as it should despite this.

Dogs inside would have been covered in glass and jostled but not skewered or loose and the rear seat was displaced but not dramatically.

My sons car seat was squished into the back of mine but the seat did not encroach on his space.

No one had to go to the hospital, so I consider us very lucky.

Box truck seemed to override my bumper.


Adjusting and escape hatch knobs still in place. Roof appears to have slid a bit as intended.


Full View of the Damage


The car seat had 2” of clearance before the accident.


Escape hatch worked well even with the Variocage being impacted at an angle and flexing.


More clear interior pic. Water bucket did not move surprisingly enough (bucket removed when dog is inside just in case, generally).


Erin James Crook

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